Code of Conduct for Faculty


  • The faculty members must be punctual to duty.
  • He / She shall stay within the campus during the working hours of the institute.
  • The faculty members are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and co-operative manner.
  • The faculty shall not indulge in rude or abusive behavior, comment against colleagues, make negative comments about other staff members, verbal attacks, which are of a personal, threatening, abusive and irrelevant nature or go beyond fair and professional conduct.
  • Take precautions to protect equipment, materials, and facilities of the college.
  • They are not allowed to take private tuitions.
  • The staff shall maintain confidentiality. They shall not give or pass any information to any inside/outside persons, unless and until the employee has been authorized to do so.


  • He / She shall discharge the responsibilities assigned in teaching/research/consultancy and administrative diligently in an honest and unbiased manner with total commitment;
  • Attend and participate in the meetings, activities called/assigned by the HOD, Coordinators and Principal.
  • To take up other duties and responsibilities prescribed by the Principal which are not limited to Academic and Evaluation duties;
  • He / She shall finish the evaluation work of Continuous internal evaluation (CIE) and Semester End Examinations (SEE) assigned by the Board on priority without causing any inconvenience to the evaluation process.
  • To be available for the students even after class hours to clarify their doubts, if any.
  • To treat students with respect, and teach them to treat others with respect.
  • To come well prepared for the class and stay focused on the topic/content.
  • Be present in the classroom right in time near the classroom five minutes prior to the scheduled commencement.
  • To maintain the record of lesson plans and other relevant documents of the courses handled by them.
  • To implement a designated curriculum with the said objectives
  • Shall not pre-pone, post-pone, and let-off or suspend a scheduled class without authorization from the concerned HOD/Principal.
  • Shall handle the assigned practical classes and be available in the designated place for the full time.
  • To evaluate the test answer books within the stipulated time of academic calendar and make the scheme of evaluation transparent.
  • Involve visual and activity-based learning wherever possible, make PowerPoint presentations (PPT) in addition to the conventional use of blackboard depending on the subject & necessity.
  • The faculty should advise/counsel the student on all the academic matters (like registration/re-registration for the courses, dropping of courses and / or withdrawing from courses).