1. A student, who is already placed in a company, is not allowed to appear for any other campus interview.
2. Wearing of college uniform is mandatory while appearing for the campus interview.
3. All students are to carry with them, the college identity card, original mark sheets, other Certificates and two copies of passport size photographs while appearing for interviews.
4. Maintain peace while the interview process is going on.

What is the selection process? 
a)  Eligibility Criteria
In Its communication intimating the desire to hold the campus interview, the company specifies the minimum eligibility criteria. These include the average percentage marks in Diploma, HSC and SSC, percentage marks at each semester or the year, acceptability of live or past ATKT, year down condition in the past, etc. Some of the companies specify height, weight and eyesight acceptability conditions also. Only those students who meet the eligibility criteria are permitted to appear for the campus interview.

b) Written Test
While some small companies go directly for the personal interviews, many prefer to administer a written test to the candidates. The test consists of ‘objective’ type questions, and is usually for one to two hours. It aims to test the knowledge of the students in basic mathematics including oral computing ability, quantitative and verbal analytical ability, English language, programming skills (for software companies), quiz- solving capability etc. Most of the companies have a cut-off marks limit for this test, and all those, who score more than the cut-off marks are accepted for the next round. From this stage on, it does not matter whether a candidate has scored the maximum marks in the written test or just sufficient to qualify for the next round. Very few companies, who have a limited recruitment target do not bother about the cutoff limit and go for selecting the top few candidates for the next round.

c) Group Discussion
A topic (from any field – academic, political, cultural, social, socio-economic etc) is given to a group of about 6 to 12 candidates (qualifying in the written test), who are asked to discuss it among themselves. The aim of this exercise is to identify who can speak on that topic logically, has fair amount of knowledge, can make an impact on the audience and in short, is a good team member and a good leader.

d) Personal Interview
During the personal interview, each candidate is interviewed individually. The interviewing panel generally consists of the Technical Specialist and the Human Resources Specialist. In some cases, there is more than one specialist. Sometimes, the Technical specialists interview the candidate first, and then the candidate is sent to another cabin, to be interviewed by the Human Resources Specialist. A candidate has to satisfy both the specialists, to get selected.

Announcement of the Results and Issuing the Offer Letters
All the candidates interviewed are assembled together, and the names of the candidates finally selected are announced. Sometimes, some candidates are told that they are ‘on hold’. This means that their selection would be finalized only after the company finishes campus interviews at all other colleges, and only if some vacancies remain unfilled at that stage. In the meantime a candidate kept ‘on hold’ is free to appear for other campus interviews. The offer letters are issued at the time of the announcement of the result. In some cases, there are more rounds of interviews at the company office, before the final selection